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With miles of hiking and biking trails, golden sand beaches and backcountry peaks to explore, there are enough free outdoor activities in Lake Tahoe to last a lifetime. Yet still, there are some outdoor adventures—like a helicopter ride over Emerald Bay or a guided snowmobile ride with stunning views—that you’re simply happy to pay for.

You can find amazing local outfitters all around the lake. From sunset boat tours in Tahoe City to mountain bike rentals in South Lake Tahoe, every corner of the basin has epic outdoor activities to fill your vacation.

On this page, you’ll find a few local businesses that partner with Epic Lake Tahoe. We trust these guys to provide some of the best outdoor activities Tahoe has to offer! Discover year round things to do, with both summer and winter activities available. Plus, they’re all easily bookable online for an instant itinerary.

Summer Activities

There’s nothing quite like a Lake Tahoe summer! Get the most out of it by adding an epic activity to your trip. From sunset sails to e-foil lessons, there are no less than a million ways to fill your days. 

Sunset Cruises

There are sunsets—and then there are Lake Tahoe sunsets. Watching the alpenglow light up the Sierra Nevada Mountains? It’s ridiculous. Especially from a boat. 

Boat Rentals with Captain

We promise you—there’s no better way to explore Lake Tahoe than with a private boat charter. Equipped with an experienced captain, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and sip a cold one while you tour the lake’s hidden gems!

No worries about weather, navigating the boat channel or finding your way back home. This is it, guys. This is the one.

Rentals, Cruises, Tours & More

A DIY adventure on an inflatable, electric boat? A midday cruise out to Emerald Bay? A pontoon boat rental that fits the whole family? This is the place to find some of the best things to do around Lake Tahoe.

Winter Activities

Our not-so-secret secret is that winter is Lake Tahoe’s favorite season. Snow transforms the basin into a true playground, making skiing, snowmobiling and everything in between a daily habit. Do the same during your visit—take the kids snow tubing, hit the backcountry on a snowmobile or venture up the mountain for a day on the slopes. 

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