28.8 F
South Lake Tahoe
Thursday, April 15, 2021


Take it from us—a Lake Tahoe summer is as good as it gets. Warm days by the lake, cold beer on the river, summer concerts and all the happy, sun kissed moments in-between. Here’s your guide to a truly epic Lake Tahoe summer.

Mountains and snow, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. But the mountains and summer—that’s like peanut butter and a spoon. Summer in Lake Tahoe is a pure, straight-from-the-jar kind of good time. Between the lake and trails,...
An Intro to Lake Tahoe's Wildflower Season Written by Kendal Scott One of the many perks of living in Tahoe is our long and varied wildflower season. As flowers pass their prime at lower elevations or along south-facing slopes,...
Clear, turquoise water freckled with granite boulders and 72-miles of pine covered shoreline. Lake Tahoe is what summer dreams are made of. And while wading from the beach is certainly nice, is it really a summer in the Sierras...

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