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No matter what your dining style, Lake Tahoe has the perfect restaurant for you. Whether you’re looking for pizza and wings, or a finely grilled steak, Tahoe truly has it all.

Everyone has their own way to aprés ski. For some, it’s a tailgate. A cooler, a six-pack and a smushed PBJ. For others, it’s a bar. The most raucous bar, the cheapest bar, the most crowdest bar. (pre-covid times,...
Look, we don’t have to tell your friends & family. But since it’s just you and me here, we can be honest—your pet’s happiness is more important than anyone else’s. So, when it comes time to planning a pet-friendly...
Burgers are the most simple pleasure. The summer-like smell of the grill. The greased bag holding mounds of golden, salty fries. A splatter of sauce as you sink into the first bite. Already drooling? Then you’re going to love...
South Lake Tahoe Restaurants With A View We’ve done our research. A meal’s shortest path from mediocre to magnificent is a bangin’ view. Taste, yes, you’re very important. Service, we’re looking for you too. But these South Lake Tahoe restaurants...
With so much to do around Lake Tahoe, working up a beer-etite can happen quickly. And when you’re tired and thirsty, finding an adequate drinking hole can result in backseat bickering, Yelp-fatigue or worse—like settling on the closest spot...

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