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Camping gift guide

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Isn’t gift giving great? It’s such a nice way to say “I took something that I like about you and turned it into something that I think you’ll like.”

For the outdoorsy people in your life—that’s a camping gift. Because transforming the woods into a home away from home only gets easier with cool gadgets and gear. Luckily, we’ve got a ton of great gift ideas that are sure to stoke out your favorite campers.

Camping Gifts For Men

Mini Wet Dry Vacuum

You might have came on here expecting to see some nice marshmallow roasting sticks, but surprise—you got a miniature shop vacuum. Just trust us, whatever lucky person on your list gets this compact and portable vacuum will be one happy camper. Perfect for post or mid-camping trip cleanup, you can slurp dirt out of the tent or clean off muddy paws in seconds. Anyone who’s life is as much outdoors as it in indoors will appreciate this tool. (And yes, you need a cordless version.)

Wilderness Certification or Class

The wilderness is infinite. Annnd, we do mean that less in a woo-woo sort of way, and more in the sense that there’s always something new to learn. For the outdoorsmen in your life, let this be the guiding inspiration. A quick Google search for “wilderness classes near me” will turn up results ranging from Wilderness Survival to Foraging 101. Book them into a tour or grab a gift card for them to use later.

Wool Beanie

The beanie. Simple, but essential. It’s like the candle of the camping world. Not necessarily the most unique gift—but one they’re guaranteed to love. Elevate the gift by choosing a quality, wool beanie that’ll last through a lifetime of camping trips.


This is one of the rare moments in life where you have the power to make any moment better. And yes, friends, that is with a flask. We know, we know. Sober fun is fun too. But a sip of whiskey has the near magical ability to lessen the sting of a not quite adequate sleeping bag; let you sleep through a raccoon rustling through your garbage at 2am; brighten up a sunset or warm up a sunrise. You can’t argue with that.


For the ready-for-anything camper, you gotta go with a multitool. A true essential in the great outdoors, every multitool on the market is a little different. Make sure there’s a bottle opener when you’re shopping for a beer lover; a safety whistle for the backcountry wanderer; needle nose pliers for the DIY guy. No matter what combo you roll with its sure to make everything around the campsite just that much easier.

Camping Gifts For Women

Lulu Lemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Maybe it’s the perfect camping gift. Or maybe it’s the perfect gift to give yourself as a reward for all the good gift giving you’ve been doing. Either way, this is a good one to stash away on your list of must-haves. Squarely at the intersection of practical and stylish, the Lulu Lemon Everywhere Belt Bag is a campers delight. Fill it with snacks, pack sunscreen, toss in a flashlight—and carry it all in a compact, hands-free, super cute belt bag. (And yes, that’s code for fanny pack, but belt bag sounds cooler.)

SmartWool Socks

The paragon of boring gifts, socks are totally underrated. Especially so when it comes to SmartWool’s lightweight, odor-resistant merino wool hiking socks. For socks, they’re shockingly expensive. Which is half the reason they make such a great gift. The other half of the reason is that they’re built for the outdoors with all the sweat and stink fighting power of merino wool.

Waterproof Slippers

For the always outdoors people in your life, a simple pair of waterproof slippers is guaranteed to bring them joy. An underrated piece of camping gear, these slippers are perfect for cold mornings, damp afternoons or snowy evenings around the campsite. They’re easy to slip into, even when you’re wearing socks. And don’t worry—what these slippers lack in style they make up for in functionality. We promise.

Portable Wine Bottle

When it comes to happy hour around the campfire, wine is definitively the best option. You don’t have to refrigerate it, it tastes like juice and it’s easy to share with friends. The only downfall—the glass bottle. Until now, that is. Gift this lightweight, portable wine bottle and your friend’s favorite Zin will become a campsite staple. That really can only benefit everyone.

Pendleton Face Mask

It’s the world we live in. Might as well make the best of it, right? And nothing embraces it quite like a Pendleton Face Mask. A machine washable, cotton blend with a classic Pendleton pattern, it’s about as cute as a global pandemic can get.

USB Fairy Lights

While maybe not as useful as a sleeping bag or tent, we absolutely deem USB Fairy Lights as a camping essential. The perfect lighting solution, these mood-setting string lights will transform any campsite into an LL Bean advertisement. Like all the best camping gear, they’re equal parts fun and practical, making them the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Parks Project Candles

The only thing better than being in your favorite place is enjoying the smell of your favorite place—whenever and wherever you want. With signature scents for some of the west coast’s most popular National Parks, these candles are a great way to keep the adventure going from the comfort of your home.

The Best Camping Gifts For Under $50

Walkie Talkies

Call it the 10-year old kid in me, but walkie talkies are so satisfying. So practical. So fun. So good for letting your partner know that you’re stuck in the trees on a powder day or to let your friends at the campsite know that you’re still out hiking. For anyone who regularly spends time outside of cell service, a good set of walkie talkies is a must.

Backpack Cooler

The best camping gifts sometimes extend beyond the campsite. Time spent in the tent or around the campfire is only the start of it—there’s a world of outdoor activities tied to any good camping excursion, and you gotta keep those in mind too. That’s where an insulated backpacker cooler comes in. Bring food, snacks and beverages along for the hike, the river soak, the summit picnic or beach day.

Inflatable Chair

Camping and comfort aren’t exactly synonymous. So, any gift that can help make your next camping trip a little more plush is a win in our book. Enter—the inflatable chair. Like a portable couch, this inflatable chair is compact and portable, easy to inflate and most importantly, supremely comfortable. Set it up around the campground or mid-snack break on the hiking trail for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation.

Bluetooth Speaker

Want to make outdoor anything better? Add tunes. We promise. Cowboy coffee? Chris Stapleton will guarantee you love it. Stargazing? A mellow beat makes it magical. Hike to a swimming hole? Begging for reggae and a six pack. That said, a lightweight, waterproof and portable Bluetooth Speaker ranks high as a camping gift. Or, as a gift for anyone really. It’s a must-have.

The Best Camping Gifts For Around $100

Solar Lantern

If you’ve ever—and we mean ever, like even one time—have been in a situation where your gadget or gizmo ran out of batteries at exactly the wrong time, then you know. A solar lantern is the best outdoor illumination option there is. And yes, times are good where USB lanterns can light the way with rechargeable ease, but in the spirit of camping, let’s harness the sun for our late night glow, shall we? Actually, this Goal Zero lantern will do you one better, with USB charging outlets and a bright, 600-lumen light all in one.


There’s certain things that we wouldn’t dare leave home without, and binoculars happen to be one of them. If you do take off camping or hiking without them, you’re guaranteed to wish you had them. Why? Surf check. Scope that eagle in the treetop. Get a better view of the peak. You get the idea! Just another tool in the ‘enjoy nature’ arsenal, nice, waterproof binoculars are always a good camping gift idea.

Puff Poncho

Sometimes, not even a blazing fire can cut through the brisk, mountain air. Of course, that’s no matter to your favorite camper when they’re bundled in a warm, hooded Puff Poncho. Cozy as a blanket, but without the risk of it dropping into the dirt when you reach for the whiskey, this Puff Poncho makes a great addition to any camping gear collection.

Patagonia Backpack

Okay, this one is a camping gift idea and life hack all in one. Having a camping specific backpack—yes, that’s right; one that stays in the camping gear bin all year-round—is pure genius. You keep it packed with the camping trip essentials: lighters, chapstick, flashlights, water purification tablets, instant coffee packets and a first aid kit. Et Voilà. You have everything you need and nothing you don’t, always. That said, this Patagonia Backpack is the most stylish, high-quality version there is.


We could honestly wax poetic on the virtue of a super high-quality headlamp. (Actually, we’ve kind of done it before.) But honestly, any headlamp makes an amazing camping gift. The gift of hands-free light is perfect for a late night tent setup, prepping hot dogs over the fire or finding your way around the campground when you’ve got a beer in both hands.

Stocking Stuffer Camping Gifts

Puffin Beverage Jacket

The only thing cooler than sipping a local, artisan double-IPA around the campfire is when said IPA is dressed to impress. The Puffin Beverage Jacket not only keeps your drink cool, it quite literally makes your drink cool. Like, effortlessly so. Plus, it’s cute, fun, cheap and practical. In other words, it’s a seriously great camping gift.

Mushroom ID Book

Add a note to the inside cover—”if in doubt, throw it out”—then go ahead and change your favorite camper’s life with this copy of All That The Rain Promises And More. This, or really any good mushroom identification book, is a great way to add a little extra something to your outdoor adventures. A fun, pocket-sized manual to finding and identifying wild mushrooms, hikes suddenly have more purpose and maybe, just maybe, meals get a little… riskier?

Single Coffee Packets

When you’re sleeping on the ground, coffee becomes of utmost importance. These single serve coffee packets are not only a great stocking stuffer, but a much easier solution to getting a good cup of joe at the campsite. An easy add to the camping kitchen box, they promise hot coffee in seconds—without crazy contraptions or messes.

Enamel Mug

A classic outdoor essential, a cute enamel mug makes a dreamy camping gift. I mean, let’s be honest—especially in the age of Instagram, a photogenic coffee mug is almost as important as the tent. Just imagine the fanfare your favorite campers will receive over that technicolor sunrise in the mountains, steaming cup of coffee shot. That’s priceless.

Eco-Friendly Camping Gifts

Stasher Bags

Snacks, knick-knacks, gizmos, gadgets. Pieces of moss that you find on the trail? Whatever it is that you like to stash, Stasher Bags are built for it. We love these for not only being an eco-friendly alternative to plastic zip-loc bags, but because they’re more durable, provide better water-proofing and honestly, are far cuter than any plastic bag we’ve ever seen. There’s a variety of sizes, making them the perfect portable camping gift.

Luci Solar Lights

We talk about these Luci Solar Lights a lot. (#noregrets) And they truly land at the top of our list of the best camping gift ideas. Why? Lighting while camping can be annoying. Do you go with the clunky lantern? Packable string lights? No-hands needed headlamp? The Luci Solar Lights are kind of a combination of all three. The inflatable design means they’re super lightweight and easy to pack, plus they’re solar powered and LED so there’s no need for batteries or recharging. Plus, there’s color changing designs, ones with USB chargers built-in and more.


A reliable, reef-safe mineral sunscreen isn’t just a great thing for campers, it’s a great thing for everyone. First of all, protect that skin, guys. Tans are nice, but healthy skin is better. More importantly, a healthy earth is better. Tossing a quality, natural sunscreen into the gift basket means you get to do two good things at once. Plus, sunscreen tends to be rather expensive so the outdoor lover in your life is sure to appreciate the addition.

Bamboo Cutlery Kit

We’re all guilty of aiding the plastic silverware problem and don’t you tell us otherwise. But add a bamboo cutlery kit to your camp gear and you’re at least one step in the right direction. Infinitely reusable and portable, these bamboo tools are just as good for shoveling down campfire food as they are for the environment. Every camper needs a set of utensils in their backpack, (have you ever tried transforming an aluminum can top into a spoon?) and these are particularly lovable.

Quality Merino Wool Socks

Have you ever seen a list of gift ideas that didn’t include a quality pair of socks? There’s a reason for that. And when it comes to camping gifts, it’s no different. They’re simply a well-loved essential, and you really can’t go wrong. When it comes to your camper friends though, you can go really, really right with a pair of quality merino wool socks. Naturally moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and temperature regulating, these socks are the ultimate piece of camping or hiking gear.

Patagonia Flannel

We’re calling for a Patagonia flannel, but go ahead and put a Patagonia anything on list of gift ideas. As the verifiable king of eco-minded outdoor products, Patagonia is always a reliable option for campers. Not only are their products high quality and long lasting, but they’re made with the earth in mind. They focus on sustainable materials, fair wages for employees and and eco-minded processes. Win-win-win.

Reusable Water Bottle

Bringing a reusable water bottle camping is somewhat of a rite of passage. Like, the beat up steel ones that hang off of someone’s carabiner. Or the plastic one filled up with filtered river water. Or the insulated ones filled with whiskey. We respect them all, and welcome them all out into the woods with us. Trust us, your camper will feel the same.

Camping Gifts For Kids

Bug Catching Kit

When it comes to camping gifts for kids, we turn all focus to things that get them even more excited about the outdoors. Because that’s the best part about camping with kids, right? Is seeing them discover that sticks and rivers and rocks are actually really cool. And bugs. We want them to like bugs. This Bug Catching Kit for teaching kids that bugs around the campsite are actually really cool and not just creepy and crawly.

Campground Journal

For kids that are a little older, this Campground Journal tops the list of super cute gift ideas. A journal for happy campers, the pages are lined with writing prompts that highlight the best parts about each unique campground. One dash memory keeper, a sprinkle of gratitude journal, it’s a great way to inspire kids to write down their favorite details about the family camping trip.

Kid’s Headlamp

Partially for you, partially for the kid, gifting a hands free lighting solution is a total slam dunk. You can put the “I’m scared of the dark” conversations to rest, stop the endless searches around the camp for the flashlight, and finally have a peaceful s’mores session. Well. At least, you’ll be one step closer to these things. Plus, kids just plain think they’re cool. And they’re not wrong.

Cork Boat

The mini camper in your life will love outfitting this cork boat with sticks, leaves and rocks they find around your campsite. Design the ultimate boat, then tow in down to the river to see how it floats. We love seeing kids find intrigue in nature and this boat is the perfect creative outlet for tiny explorers.


If you’re still feeling uninspired about what camping gifts will light up the outdoorsy person in your life, then there’s only one thing left to do—go camping with them. We’ve got more than a few epic campgrounds around Lake Tahoe that we’re sure they’ll love. Hope to see you out there.

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