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While we’d never turn down an invite to just sit and enjoy the view, we’d also never shy away from the chance to make that view even better. Between boat rentals, bike rentals, snowmobiles and skis, there’s a dozen ways to add a new view to your Lake Tahoe vacation. Lake Tahoe from the top of Heavenly? Pretty, well, heavenly. Pope Beach from a pontoon boat? The stuff Instagram dreams are made of.

Use our guide to discover the most trusted and convenient rental locations in Lake Tahoe. Then hop on that bike, boat or snowmobile and enjoy Tahoe from a whole new perspective. 

Summer Rentals

Remember when you were a kid and you got summer break every year and you lived for it? Taking a pontoon boat out on Lake Tahoe is that feeling, all wrapped up into one happy experience. It just feels...
Clear, turquoise water freckled with granite boulders and 72-miles of pine covered shoreline. Lake Tahoe is what summer dreams are made of. And while wading from the beach is certainly nice, is it really a summer in the Sierras...

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